Anyone who can follow some simple rules can become a competent homebrewer. Once you have the basics down, it’s all about tweaking something here and something there. It’s a fun and frugal hobby which is something I am all about. I am known around my friends and family as the cheap one, but why pay full price when with a little time and effort you can create a product that is equal to or better than store bought, for a fraction of the price.

Hi Fellow Homebrewers, I’d like to introduce myself My name is Brent a.k.a.( Bert). I have been homebrewing for 30 years, and have gained knowledge in all areas of the Homebrewing hobby. I do not consider myself a master brewer but am able to consistently produce a quality product for a fraction of the price of store bought. Whether it be how to make homemade beer or how to make moonshine,  I will give you tips with advice and product recommendations.



My first experience with Homebrewing started when I was 16. Back in the 80’s you could go into your local supermarket and buy a product called Wonder Wine. It came in several flavors , I remember 2 of the flavors were apple and cherry.The small box about the size of 2 cigarette packs contained 2 pouches that you added to 1 gallon of water(I used an old pickled egg jar) and the recommended amount of sugar, you then covered your container with cling wrap and poked a needle hole in the top, then waited for your wine to finish. Was it top notch?  No,  but it was drinkable for a young man and started a foundation for a rewarding hobby.

My goal is to help the budding homebrewer achieve his or her goal of producing a product that you can say you made with your 2 hands.





  If you have any Questions or comments please feel free to leave one below


THANK YOU      bert@onlycanadian.com




  1. Hi Bert,
    Who knew it was so easy to brew your own beer and wine! And I bet it is a lot stronger than the stuff you buy in the shops hey? Ha ha.
    Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new concept and maybe one day, if I have time I will try for myself.
    By the way really love your website, it’s well written with a good layout and easy on the eye colours

    • Hi Stefanie,
      thanks for the comment. It is actually fairly simple when using a kit. Its all about cleanliness and being able to follow some simple directions.

      A basic starter kit which includes everything you need, other than bottles and your wine or beer kit will set you back about 100.00 dollars. Not a bad investment for a hobby that can last a lifetime .

  2. I have always wanted to try home brewing, however have never managed to. A friend of mine has not long started so I will pass your website URL onto him as I’m sure like myself, he will be intrigued to learn more.

    • Hi Louise, thanks for the interest in homebrewing.

      I get great satisfaction from it. Producing a product that you made with your 2 hands is quite satisfying ! The ingredients have come a long way in the past 30 years and now anyone can produce a quality drink. There will always be people that snub our product but it is economical and gratifying .I have been dabbling in this hobby since I was !8 , I am now 48 and have not passed on yet !

      If you have any questions on the subject, shoot me an e-mail and I will try to help with any concerns you may have.

  3. Like many I’ve always wanted to do this, seems simple enough following your tips and rules l like the whole idea of DIY for things. This would no doubt be cheaper in the long run wouldn’t it? I’ll definately get my partner onto this site he would love to give this a go!

    • Hi Audra, thanks for getting in touch.Yes today it is easy to homebrew, there are all kinds of kits out there to make wine and beer. Follow some directions add water and you are good to go.I am from Canada and you can buy a cheap beer kit for 20.00 dollars and you will get 48 beer plus.

  4. Hey, DB. Great site! My late older brother was into making his own brew also. With 30 yrs of experience doing this, you clearly know your business! Wishing you nothing but success…

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